Get To Know Dae

Get To Know Dae

Get ready to dive into the world of Dae, one of the fantastic community members featured in Urbody's recent campaign. In this exclusive interview, we're chatting with Dae about life, self-love, and community connectedness. 'Get To Know Dae' is your backstage pass to some real talk and insights into their journey.
Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Dae, and my pronouns are them/they. I am femme, non-binary, Latinx, a child, a sibling, and a friend. 

Dae posing in Urbody underwear

Please share a bit about your passions and aspirations.

Some of my passions include cooking, photography/modeling, writing, music, dog sitting, and hiking. I love getting in front of and behind the camera and aspire to do both to let the audience see me and to give the audience my perspective as someone who is non-binary. I lose myself in the kitchen cooking new and old family recipes; I enjoy writing—poetry and lyrics (@writtenbydae)—as it allows me to connect to myself and to others, the same reason I love music. I aspire to have a collection of my work published. I also enjoy working on evolving graetful. (, a positive and uplifting online community that I created. My goal is to create a supportive space where people can connect, uplift each other, and embrace a lifestyle centered around gratitude.

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What are your favorite films?

Selena, Simply Irresistible, Tu Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar, Nothing Like the Holidays (for the season). 

How would you define self-love? How has what self-love looks like/feels like evolved for you over time?

Self-love is embracing all the versions of myself that have existed and are yet to come. I've dedicated time to self-discovery, creating a space for exploration free from limitations and binaries.

Dae posing on bed in Urbody underwear


How would you describe the term community connectedness?

Community connectedness is the understanding that we are all part of something larger, a collective effort to build and sustain a supportive community.

What are some of the different communities you've felt/feel connected to, and how did your experience/being a part of that community impact you?

I've felt a strong connection to the queer community and the Latinx community. Being part of these communities has been transformative; it's where I found strength, resilience, and a profound sense of identity. It's a shared space where we celebrate diversity, fostering an environment that encourages embracing our authentic selves.

The holidays can be a hard time for some folks in our community. How do you stay connected to the community and friends during hard times? 

During tough times, staying connected involves reaching out, checking in, and creating a support system. Whether through virtual hangouts, sharing experiences, or just being there to listen, maintaining open lines of communication helps foster a sense of belonging and understanding. It's about reminding ourselves that we're not alone and that, together, we can navigate challenges.

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