In Conversation With Sock Drawer Heroes

In Conversation With Sock Drawer Heroes

Welcome to an exclusive conversation with the visionaries behind Sock Drawer Heroes, a company that's making waves in the realm of inclusivity. In this interview, we sit down with Erin and Bec, the founders of Sock Drawer Heroes, a stockist that proudly carries Urbody styles in their store. Join us as we delve into their mission, values, and the driving forcec behind their commitment to offering a wide array of gender-affirming styles that celebrate every body.


Tell us about the people behind Sock Drawer Heroes.

We’re Erin (they/them), and I'm Bec Cerio (they/she), the co-founders of Sock Drawer Heroes. Erin grew up in Sydney and Bec in London. We met in 2016 at a roller derby game in Sydney, where Bec was playing and Erin was a spectator. In a bit of a whirlwind, we fulfilled the queer U-Haul stereotype and got married later that year - before it was legally recognised in Australia, and we just had our 7 year anniversary. We live on the outskirts of the Inner West of Sydney with our cat, Cat Damon.

 queer founders

What are you doing in your free/leisure time?

Between running the business and Bec’s full time job in public health and studies, we don’t get a lot of downtime. When we do, our absolute favourite thing to do is go camping. If we didn’t have the Sock Drawer Heroes shop in Sydney, we would live in a cabin in the bush and spend our free time bird-watching and hiking. 

Individually, Bec enjoys meeting and patting other people's dogs, cartoons, and bouldering. Erin loves fixing and building things, playing Minecraft and having quiet time.


Can you share a bit about your own journey of using underwear/fashion as a tool for self-understanding, self-expression, and self-love?

Erin: I’ve always been pretty androgynous-presenting. It wasn’t until I met Bec that I felt the support to really explore and embrace this fully. Shortly after we got together 7 years ago, I came out as trans, and borrowed a chest binder from Bec until I bought my own. 

Bec: It was actually this experience that prompted us to start Sock Drawer Heroes. Erin bought their first chest binder from America. It took 6 weeks to arrive and the postage cost as much as the binder itself. We knew we had to improve access to these products for our community in Australia.

 queer and trans folks wearing matching shirts

What are your favorite items in the shop at the moment?

Erin: It is so hard to pick, as we stock over 20 local and international brands. If I had to choose, I really like the range of Banana Prosthetics packers we’ve started stocking. Banana Prosthetics make great quality products and the team is lovely to work with.

Bec: I might be biased but the product range I’m genuinely most excited about is our growing collection of Urbody gaffs that we began stocking earlier this year. We’ve been working hard to expand our trans femme range, and we’re proud to have such high quality and beautiful trans femme tucking garments by Urbody. We love working with other small trans and queer owned businesses with values that align to our own.


What tips might you give someone who is looking to explore or affirm their gender using products that you offer in your shop?

First and foremost, take it at your own pace. Gender exploration is a personal journey, and there's no rush. 

Embrace the process, and most importantly, prioritise your own comfort and wellbeing throughout your gender expression journey.

Remember, it's okay if your preferences evolve over time. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for guidance—we're here to help, and our team has lived experience across the gender spectrum. Our small team of 4 consists of a trans man, trans woman, trans non-binary person, and Bec, who is still figuring things out in that department.


So now that we know more about you, can you tell us about your business, Sock Drawer Heroes? Why did you start? What are some of the brand’s values?

When Erin came out as trans non-binary in 2017, it became clear that there was a significant lack of gender expression products available in Australia. Knowing firsthand what a life-changing impact these products can have on mental health and wellbeing, we knew this had to change.

In 2018, we founded Sock Drawer Heroes, committing ourselves to make gender expression products more accessible and affordable for the Australian trans and gender diverse community. We are for purpose, rather than for profit, and this will always be at the center of everything we do.
In May 2023, we achieved a huge milestone with the opening of SDH HQ, our physical shop in the Inner West of Sydney, Australia. This marked a new chapter, providing a safe and welcoming space for trans and gender diverse individuals of all ages to explore gender expression products with the advice and support of our gender diverse staff.

Our core values include being authentic to our own queer and gender diverse lived experiences, and being open to sharing these to help others and inform the work we do. We always strive to be compassionate and supportive to the challenges that people and their families may be facing when navigating gender diversity. We are responsive to our community's evolving needs and respectful of peoples' gender expression journeys.

 Inside of a queer-owned store

We love what you both have built at Sock Drawer Heroes. Do you have any advice you can share with individuals who are looking to start their own business?

Running your own business is really hard, but rewarding work. You have to be prepared for challenges and setbacks—they're inevitable, but they also provide valuable learning opportunities. 

Building a supportive network, whether it's a co-founder, team, or mentors, can make a world of difference. 

Finally, get really good at saying ‘yes’ when people offer you help and support. We couldn’t have gotten this far without the support from our friends, family and community.