Happy International nonbinary people's day Urbody Functional Fashion

International Nonbinary People’s Day


Nonbinary Gender

Nonbinary gender is more than a just a label. Nonbinary is an individual and collective experience of gender. 

Nonbinary is a social change movement freeing everyone from the gender assumptions and stereotypes assigned to them. 

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Nonbinary gender creates space for each person to acknowledge and celebrate the masculine and feminine, and their relationship with womanhood and manhood, without being defined by or confined to either one.

Did you know? 1.2 million LGBTQ people in the US identify as nonbinary. Urbody Functional Fashion.


To all the nonbinary folks out there— we know it’s not easy living in a world that constantly struggles to see beyond the gender binary! Today is for you! 

You are valid

You are enough

You are loved

Be proud of who you are

To nonbinary allies— tell your nonbinary family, friends, and sibling that you love them— today and every day. And remember: The gender binary is a direct result of colonization and the erasure of the gender diversity that is an inherent part of the human species.