Ur Story: Kes

Ur Story: Kes


We're excited to showcase the work of Kes, a talented queer and trans artist from Long Beach, CA. Since coming out as trans in 2023, Kes has channeled their journey into a vibrant explosion of self-expression through various creative mediums. Her work includes making collages, upcycling clothes, and building costumes from unique materials, all of which are deeply inspired by the love and support from the queer community.

Artist Statement:
hi! my name is kes (she/they) & i’m a queer & trans artist/maker from long beach, ca. i came out as trans in 2023, and since i started living my truth i’ve experienced an explosion of self expression in creative mediums :) i enjoy making collages out of old magazines, upcycling clothes into new things, and building costumes out of trash. i’m inspired by movies, video games, drag, friends, diy & queer culture, and anything sexy, spooky &/or c*nty.

i made this zine because i was having trouble finding a way to divulge the overwhelming sense of love i have felt from the queer community since coming out. it’s a marriage of one of my passions & love for the important people in my life :)))

all the images are of some different sewing projects of mine, and the goal of showing the stitches up close was conveying the amount of energy & care that goes into creating something, and transitively, relationships.

i’ve been reading lots of zines from the library, going to shows, protests (free palestine) and local events organized by community members & friends, & they all inspire me to express myself & release the vice-grip that shame can have on us (and i implore you to cast away that dusty vice, darling, it really doesn’t suit you). i’m not ashamed to be trans, i’m actually really f*cking proud to be! no matter what, i’m learning from the amazing boss *ss b*tches in my life, is how to stand up myself & for one another, not just as queer people, but as neighbors & community.