Happy 1st Birthday to Us!

Happy 1st Birthday to Us!

gender-affirming underwear & activewear

To the Urbody family,

On our 1st birthday, we thought it would be fun to share a story from our early days of bringing the Urbody vision to life.

On May 26, 2019, Anna and I sat down on her mom’s bedroom floor and cut underwear into pieces. We carefully and thoughtfully constructed the pieces back together with safety pins to create garments with the functionality, fit, and style we envisioned.

Co-Founders Sitting on Floor with Pile of Underwear

Fast forward 6 months and we were on a plane to Montreal for our first meeting with our fit team to start formally developing our first collection of functional underwear and activewear designed by and for trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming folks. Getting the fit right took longer than expected, but we are glad we took our time. Creating a sizing and grading system for underwear and activewear that actually accounts for the body types and proportions of trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming folks was a large but long overdue undertaking. Then on February 1st, 2021, our shipment finally arrived (after weeks of sitting in the LA port due to COVID-19)! The countless hours of dreaming, learning, collaborating, and planning was now tangible and came in the form of perfectly packaged pieces of gender-affirming underwear and activewear stamped with our logo.

1 year feels like yesterday and a lifetime ago all at the same time. We’ve grown in ways we only dreamed of as long-time best friends with a vision to change fit templates based on outdated body and gender norms all while shifting the landscape of fashion to help us all feel seen and affirmed in our self-expression.

Thank you for being a part of our journey– whether you just discovered us or have been here from the beginning.

Here’s to all the good things to come…We couldn’t do it without you!