5 Gender-Inclusive Fashion Tips

5 Gender-Inclusive Fashion Tips

  1. Pause and reflect on the biases and beliefs that you have about who might wear a particular clothing item and what that person or their body might look like. Consider how these biases and beliefs inform the garment design, shape, fit, and proportions used for sizing and grading.

  2. Pay attention to the way bodies, body parts, body shapes, and aesthetics are often categorized using gender, and ask yourself how you can make changes to be more inclusive.

  3. Fit garments on people of varying body types and genders and hire trans, non-binary, gender non-conforming, and queer folks! 

  4. Provide information about the fit, sizing, and shape of your garment so each person can decide for themself if it is right for them and their body. 

  5. Empower folks to self-determine the self-expression and aesthetic that is right for them by degendering fashion and giving more people the options they deserve!