Canyon Grace

Canyon Grace (they/them) is a queer trans nonbinary movement maker. They grew up in an environment that didn’t allow space for queerness, trans ness, or any other ness. Canyon spent years collecting tools for healing traumas, breaking through personal walls, and rediscovering a genuine love for one’s most authentic self through movement. They currently work as a professional dancer, national award winning choreographer, competitive judge, and YPAD educated teacher. Canyon believes dance is the ultimate way to connect mind, body, and spirit. Their work offers a safe space to explore in new ways, ask questions without judgement, and choose to commit to yourself. As a way of coping with the pandemic, Canyon Grace compiled some of their favorite tools into a focused online program, More Than Moves. More Than Moves is a 30 day journey offering guidance to explore parts of your physical, mental, and emotional being from the safety of your home. They are continuing to work on more programs that delve deeper into the connection with ourselves and others. Canyon Grace aims to use their platform to overturn capitalism and bring more accessible movement healing work into the communities that need it the most.