Our 2024 Featured Artist: Katie Castagno

Katie is the 4th featured artist for the Fully Human Giveback Program, an initiative to support trans and queer artists via a fundraising model based in individual giving and mutual aid.

A geologist by day and a singer-songwriter by night, Katie draws on roots in rural New England and collegiate a cappella. Katie writes about people, places, and geological phenomena. Katie’s current project, Our Queer Elders, uses storytelling and song to elevate and celebrate the stories of the icons who have queered gender and societal norms throughout history. Learn More!

The Program

Urbody believes art is an essential part of wellbeing and we are committed to supporting community members who create art as a way of reviving history, telling stories, healing trauma, and pursuing the things that make them feel fully human. We are dedicated to supporting this creative journey through our Fully Human Giveback Program (FHGP).

Visibility and Engagement

We feature our chosen artist and their creations throughout the year on our social media channels, blog, and other outlets, amplifying their voice and celebrating their artistic journey.

Empowering Artistic Growth

Every contribution made by our community—whether through tips at checkout, donations, or simply by engaging with the artist’s work—plays a crucial role in supporting the artist's career, allowing them to explore new projects and continue their journey of expression, healing, and storytelling through art.