Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Urbody underwear and bodywear designed for?

Urbody underwear and bodywear can be worn by anyone, however are designed specifically for the needs of trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people. All of our products were developed using fit models who are members of the communities we aim to serve. 

Are Urbody products fit tested?

All Urbody items are tested extensively prior to production. Garments are fit tested by community members representing a wide range of self-expressions and body types. 

Can I tuck in Urbody underwear?

Urbody underwear is made from high-quality compression fabrics with a naturally smoothing effect. Our underwear is designed to be versatile and can accommodate tucking or no tucking, whichever feels right for you. For those who want an ultra-smooth or completely flat bikini area, our underwear can also be worn with gaffs or tucking accessories.  

Why are your underwear and bodywear more expensive than others available?

In creating Urbody, we selected manufacturing partners who have extensive experience with performance fabrics and use the most advanced machinery for production. After months of research, we selected high-quality compression fabrics sourced from Europe and Asia for our garments. Each product undergoes in-depth development, design, and fit tests to ensure it meets the needs of our customers and provides them with the high-quality and health-conscious options they deserve. All factories producing Urbody garments are WRAP and SEDEX certified, using ethical practices and employing people with living wages.

Can I exercise in my Urbody products?

Yes! All Urbody items are safe to wear during exercise and physical activity. If you ever experience significant discomfort or pain wearing Urbody while exercising, give your body a break. Remove the compression garment and/or stop the physical activity immediately.  

How do I wash purchases?

Wash and care instructions are located on each product and on the product page on our website. Please refer to the garment label or product page for specific instructions. If you have any remaining questions, feel free to contact us at


What if I order the wrong size?

Please find our Returns and Exchange policy here. At this time, customers are responsible for the cost to ship returned items. A $8 shipping + handling fee will be deducted from all returns. Original shipping and handling fees are non-refundable. We always do our best to exchange your same style in the new size. If the new size is not available, you will be offered a refund or gift card (your choice). 

What if my size is out of stock?

We apologize for the wait and appreciate your patience! Please sign up on our waitlist to be notified as soon as the style is back in stock. 

Is my purchase fitting correctly?

All Urbody garments should be comfortable. Each product in the collection should fit snugly while providing security and freedom for movement. Those who have not worn compression fabrics may need time to get used to the feel. If you have purchased a compression top and experience any pain or trouble breathing, take it off immediately. Urbody Compression Tops should be relatively easy to put on and take off, as compared to other commercial compression bras and chest binders. Indications that your compression top might be too small, include difficulty putting it on or taking it off, restricted breathing, or skin irritation. Signs that your compression top may be too large, include loose shoulder straps or gaps between the body and compression garment. For more information about chest compression and chest binding, check out the following article written by our co-founder: 


How much is shipping and what services do you offer? How long will delivery take?

We offer free shipping on domestic orders over $100. We offer expedited shipping at the customer’s expense. Shipping costs are displayed at checkout. Unless otherwise specified, packages are shipped via UPS Ground, which on average, takes 5-10 business days.

My order is saying ‘on hold/held’, when will it be shipped?

Please check your email inbox, including your junk/spam for correspondence from us. We might be checking your size or delivery address before shipping your order. Once you have confirmed the information in question, your order will be sent.

My order hasn’t arrived in the advised shipment time frame.

We are unable to take responsibility for any delays with the postal service. There are currently vast worldwide delays due to COVID-19 or extreme weather. Please remain patient.

When will my order be completed?

All orders must be placed by 2PM PST Monday to Friday for same-day processing. Orders placed after 2PM PST on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be processed the following Monday. 

Why was I charged a customs fee and who is responsible for paying this?

It is the customer’s responsibility to pay any customs or duty charges. Please check if you are susceptible to these charges before ordering, as we cannot take responsibility for any charges incurred.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! If you do not see your country available at checkout, contact us using our contact form and we will add it!

Can you deliver to a PO Box?

Unfortunately we cannot deliver to PO Boxes. 

Can I have my order delivered to a business or friend’s address?

Yes, your order can be sent to a business or friend’s address.

Is your packaging discreet?

Yes! Discrete packaging is incredibly important! All orders are sent in 100% recyclable brown kraft mailers and boxes.


I can’t login to my account.

Please go to ‘My Account’ when placing an order and reset your password. If you are still having issues, please contact us at

Why haven’t I received a response from you?

We are available for customer service questions Monday-Friday from 9AM PST to 5PM PST. We do not respond to emails on weekends and national holidays. We try our best to respond to all inquiries within 48 hours, however during busy weeks, it may take longer. Please check your junk/spam mail in case we have already replied. 

I am having problems with your website, what should I do?

It is possible that technical problems may occur that we are not aware of. Please email us at with the exact issues you are experiencing. We will resolve it as soon as possible!


How is Urbody prioritizing sustainability?

We do our best to ensure the fabrics, factories, and people involved in the production of Urbody products use ethical practices and do their part to minimize waste. The fashion industry as a whole and our small team at Urbody continually tries to improve our sustainability practices in many ways. We are committed and working diligently to become more sustainable as we grow. 

Why is Urbody not manufactured in the USA?

In creating Urbody, we searched for ethical manufacturers with a technical design team who had extensive experience with performance fabrics, using the most advanced machinery for production. Unfortunately, we found a scarcity of US factories that operated with our ethical standards and had experience with compression fabrics and performance wear. Majestic Mills, our manufacturing partner based in Montreal, Canada, has a shared passion for serving members of the trans, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming communities that have been previously overlooked by the fashion industry. After much research and testing, we selected high-quality compression fabrics sourced from Europe and Asia that matched our standards. The Urbody Collection is manufactured in factories located in China. All factories are WRAP and SEDEX certified, employing people with living wages.

WRAP Compliance: WRAP is an independent, objective, non-profit team of global social compliance experts dedicated to promoting safe, lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing around the world through certification and education.

Sedex Compliance: Sedex provides a convenient online platform with tools and services that help businesses maintain sustainability, source ethically, and protect workers.

Is your packaging sustainable?

Urbody packaging is 100% recyclable and compostable. We are always tweaking our packaging to make sure it is as sustainable as possible.